Embryonic Sweet

After a hearty meal, its time to sleep.

I have a towel covering my head and face because I had oiled my hair. And at some point, Sumit clicked this photograph of June and me! And now its a favorite!

June, since he was a kid, has a sleep habit of digging his legs into the person next to him. To keep them warm. No one taught him this, its just his way to cozy up before slipping into sleep land.

My mind flips back to winter afternoons in Lucknow, when I see this picture.

I remember returning from school and cozying up to bhai like a little teddy bear, for a quick afternoon nap. I remember Mummy getting angry at me, for encouraging him to sleep in the afternoon, because that would mean he'd disturb her at night. Not sleeping at night, is something he still does...:)

Even now, after all these years, if i say "Bhaiyya mujhe ninni karao", he pats my face with his hand, like elders do to babies.

His patting is strong and painful, but the emotion is in the right place.



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