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Play Time is Play Time!

We went to play Ball. June Chiggu Bhai and Me! Taking a photo break! With Chiggu Bhai! Fun!!

Playing Mummy

Mummy went to Mysore to attend Mysha's first birthday. And i got to play Choti Mummy to June. Initially, both Mummy and I were apprehensive about June Bhai staying away from her for 5 days, but we managed well! This was the first time, I was babysitting him all by myself. Also, i couldn't have done it without Sumit, my husband's support. First day went smooth, because June thought it was just one of his night outs at my house, and then the second day onwards, he was bored, sad, introspective and naughty to say the least. Over the years, June, has become very sensitive, he understands a lot more than he used to a few years back. So, i gather he made sense that mummy was not in town. Partly,  also because i kept telling him 'mummy ghummy karne gayi hain' (she's travelling, my nonsense talk that probably, only June understands!) So, we were pleasantly surprised when June declined my elder brother's offer of returning with him to his home, and inste