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Will I be a petulant mom?

June with his Mom-Mom I lose my patience so often with June. I shout at him, I ignore his requests for play. I scold him and avoid him. Why do I get angry? Agreed there's a lot on my plate with Mummy unwell. But will I be so easily irritable with my child when he's two. Or will I make allowances and bend backwards all the time? I wish I had more strength and definitely more patience. Being a mother must be tough. Every time my period is delayed ( which is every month, because I STRESS A LOT as my Gynaec puts it) I get into a strange zone mentally. Is this the right time, can i handle a kid? Can i bring up a child selflessly, will i wake up from my sleep to take her/him to the loo, will I cancel a trip to take care of my child? Embarrassingly, the answer to most questions is a blatant, brazen no. So, what is this space that people need to fill with the presence of a child in their life? May be with Bhai in my life that space is already full. I get my chance to mol