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Rizwan and the Monkey

Written By Meera Jafri We've had new neighbours move into the flat adjacent to ours. A young friendly girl with a pet dog are the new occupants of that apartment.  One evening, our friendly neighbour came up to Sona and me and introduced herself and her dog Kabi, whom she claimed was a therapy dog. The concept of a therapy dog was new to us and we were curious to learn more. Apparently, Dogs are great stress busters and Kabi was used to playing with cancer patients at a centre. So she volunteered to send her pet over if she could help Rizwan as well! We had several dogs as pets when the kids were younger.  Rizwan  had a special tacit relationship with each pet. He was shy of touching them but one could see there was a special bond between them.  I remembered an incident from June's childhood. He was 7 0r 8 years old when this extremely shocking incident took place. My husband and I were not home and my mother was baby sitting  Rizwan .  Our kitchen was in on