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Walking around

I've been in and out of jobs for a while now. A glorified labourers job got me to Delhi recently. Not being able to keep up with the sheer weight of my job, I quit. Telling myself I would never again want to work with an American DoP. I also consoled myself by saying I could get another job anytime I wanted. So, I rushed myself into some "research type" of work this time, no lifting moniters and running for apple boxes or messing with messy film inside the changing bag. I am very serious about professional photography. I also work with a very established cinematographer in Mumbai. I had never before thought making camera my professional choice would be so shaken because of not being able to lift it long enough for others to feel "she can do it" This film of course had a very unlike bollywood work culture. Here, the Assistant camera person, in my case, camerawoman ( a term no one quite uses) does all the work a camera attendant does in Mumbai. That work involves