लवली  आमलेट!

The Best Omelette in The WHOLE World!!!

Pranati, my friend and I were loitering around Mall Road, in Mussoorie. We were hungry and cold. So, we tried looking for some fast food. Momos shacks were in big numbers, but since anyone who's eaten a veg momo would know excatly why we kept looking for more options mostly we looked for hot maggi but in vain!Till we chanced upon this quaint omelette shop.

The idea of having an omelette in Mussoorie, somehow took me back to my hostel days in DU, where Ponta, Sapna,  Anshu and I had spent many evenings eating bread anda and maska bread at Chacha's near Madhuban's on Civil Lines!

So we walked in, shared a bench with a few students from an engineering college in Dehradun. We chatted with these kids till our  Cheese Omelette was served to us.

Everything about this place even before we took our first bite, was enchanting! The omelette of course, was LOVELY indeed. We thought it was fortuity and that we had just chanced upon this superb, quaint shack in the middle of a hill station. We thought we'd blog about it and let the world know its charm, till Rashid bhai the owner of the place started chatting up with us.

He showed us newspaper cuttings and a paragraph recommending Lovely omelette to tourists in the Lonely Planet! He also requested us to "like" their fanpage on facebook!! He also said that he hadn't increased the cost of the omelettes in the menu, because he was happy, just being appreciated! Also, that every now and then, he would alot a few hours on a sunday morning for free omelettes to school kids. He spoke and reinforced my faith in humanity, that simple hearted people still existed in the world.

I came back, stomach full and glad to have stolen a few hours to visit the busiest street in Mussoorie! I felt glad to have discovered the Lovely Omelette shop by myself. I felt happy that the place was already famous! And that many in India shared a common taste with me! And of course, I went ahead and "liked" the official fan page for Lovely Omelette on Facebook!


Meera said…
You are right Nusrat, they are really famous! I remember seeing them in an episode on that NDTV good times travel show.
Thanks Mummy!

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