Riz in the Morning

He's a light sleeper. 
Early riser. 
Tea lover. 
Sun - Chaser. 
Has a great sense of time, and just as most other children like him, he knows his schedule better than us. 

So, he wakes up, lounges about for a bit in bed, then urges Mummy to prepare tea for him. Which means a bit of sweet smiles, kisses and hugs.

Then he gets out of bed, to lounge a bit more on the sofa in the living room. Collects his bottle of tea (drinks tea from a baby bottle, because he has weak finger dexterity,) and enjoys it.

And then whether, he's in his Lucknow home or his Mumbai apartment, He finds the Sun!

Groggy, sleepy boy!
The Sunflower!

Tea lover!

True Poser!


Natasha said…
This is so beautiful.
I feel blessed to have found your blog.
Thanks Natasha!
I love your photos and your blog!

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