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Mother's June,

(An Article written by our mother, Meera)

It was a happy day when I had my second baby boy.  Everything was so beautiful and new.  But, on the third day my baby fell ill with a stomach infection and started having motions. By the fifth day he was totally dehydrated. 
Then began the rush with high dose medicines. A cut was opened in his vein and drips were administered. We were all praying.  Seeing my three day old braced with medical paraphernalia made me anxious and nervous.
God heard our fervent prayers, Rizwan recuperated.  All seemed to go well till he was 7-8 months, but then we realized that he still could not balance his head.  From there commenced a saga of many trips to doctors and hospitals.  My June (Rizwan) was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This came as a shock.  Honestly, we had never heard of it before.  After recovering from the initial shock began the reality of everyday life.  June was special, so every thing in our life became different.
I had five more children after …

Waking up

I keep telling myself I''ll write regularly, but in vain. I do actually have a lot to share with the world about Rizwan. But laziness and other things keep me away.
However, this post is just a collection of photographs of Rizwan, with me or mummy; groggy, half awake or just nonchalantly having his bottle of milk or green tea!
This post is a slice of our life with bhaiyya! All photos are taken on my bad quality phone camera, so please excuse the quality!