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Who's Riz?

He's a baby,
He's a boy
He's a man.

He's so irritating,
He's so naughty,

He shouts,
He screams
He laughs,

He is my brother - He's Riz, and he smiles.

He's special. Very special to me.


Beauty!, a photo by recent realisations on Flickr. My trip to Ooty was just what i needed to get away from the rains and maddening rythym of Nasik Dhols in Mumbai. I got back feeling rejuvinated and in love!

In love with nature, blue skies, tall trees, small wild flowers and an all pervading smell of eucalyptus!!

I will be posting a few pictures from my trip.
This is a rock lizard/gekko i spotted on my way to Lamb's Rock in Coonoor. He's beautiful!!