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I used to have a house,

I used to have a house,, a photo by recent realisations on Flickr. a house that was protected, a house that was mine. Now i just have a heart.
लवली  आमलेट!

The Best Omelette in The WHOLE World!!!

Pranati, my friend and I were loitering around Mall Road, in Mussoorie. We were hungry and cold. So, we tried looking for some fast food. Momos shacks were in big numbers, but since anyone who's eaten a veg momo would know excatly why we kept looking for more options mostly we looked for hot maggi but in vain!Till we chanced upon this quaint omelette shop.

The idea of having an omelette in Mussoorie, somehow took me back to my hostel days in DU, where Ponta, Sapna,  Anshu and I had spent many evenings eating bread anda and maska bread at Chacha's near Madhuban's on Civil Lines!

So we walked in, shared a bench with a few students from an engineering college in Dehradun. We chatted with these kids till our  Cheese Omelette was served to us.

Everything about this place even before we took our first bite, was enchanting! The omelette of course, was LOVELY indeed. We thought it was fortuity and that we had just chanced upon …

My name is Red!

My name is Red!, a photo by recent realisations on Flickr. My close friend's wedding. I travelled to Mussoorie to attend it.
Love this photo of hers. Anticipation, excitement and nervousness- all wrapped in one expression!
Also, she looks so lovely here, she always does!
My best wishes to the couple!

Who's Riz?

He's a baby,
He's a boy
He's a man.

He's so irritating,
He's so naughty,

He shouts,
He screams
He laughs,

He is my brother - He's Riz, and he smiles.

He's special. Very special to me.


Beauty!, a photo by recent realisations on Flickr. My trip to Ooty was just what i needed to get away from the rains and maddening rythym of Nasik Dhols in Mumbai. I got back feeling rejuvinated and in love!

In love with nature, blue skies, tall trees, small wild flowers and an all pervading smell of eucalyptus!!

I will be posting a few pictures from my trip.
This is a rock lizard/gekko i spotted on my way to Lamb's Rock in Coonoor. He's beautiful!!

My Commissioned Work

I'm posting after 4 years!